Hi, I'm Netta, the person behind
 Life After Sugar

Netta autumn 2022

When I let go of sugar, that's when I discovered the real sweetness in my life!

And guess what? 

I started intermittent fasting in a totally natural and intuitive way.

Now I know why IF is so easy for me: 
because sugar isn’t making me hungry!

And I can help YOU live a healthier intermittent fasting lifestyle by cutting sugar!

Watch the short video below to find out how I did it:

Here's how the After Sugar Club is helping people just like you:


Now I can address my relationship with food

"For me personally what has resonated the most with me is addressing the issue directly, that is, my relationship with food. Why am I eating this or that? When do I crave the stuff that harms me? What triggers my behaviour?
Life After Sugar is a real eye opener, at least for me it was. You have helped me lots. Honestly, you are great at making things make sense."

Veronica H

I have more energy!

"With all the hours I work, good thing I eat less sugar to have more energy! Since I signed up, I understood my metabolism, I managed to stop several medications, and I learned to eat better without counting calories. You also patiently and kindly make us think about what we buy. I love the motivation I get from the After Sugar Club!"

Carole T

I feel much better with less sugar

I'm 70 years old, and I recently signed up for the After Sugar Club because it's not as strict as keto. I can choose what I eat and that makes my life easier.
It's not specifically for weight loss, but for my general health, and already my blood sugar and blood pressure have improved.
I feel much better with less sugar, and I really enjoy your videos.
I've got much more to learn, but I'm getting there!

Ginette (Canada)

It’s a gift I gave myself

"I signed up for the After Sugar Club at the age of 73. It was a gift that I gave myself. Just hearing “You’re looking really well” was one of the many benefits that your program gave me. It’s good for my physical and psychological well-being."

Lorraine S

What's in the After Sugar Club?

After Sugar Club

In the After Sugar Club, you'll get a unique selection of resources to help you cut sugar, including recipes, practical tips for sugar free living, how-to videos, and so much more.

We have regular group online calls, guided by me, Netta, where you can share your real-life challenges, and get practical advice and insights that you can apply in your everyday life.

All this, plus access 24/7 to our friendly, encouraging community - it's all in the After Sugar Club!

Click here for a sneak peek into the After Sugar Club

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