Live your craving-free life with confidence!

Get the group supportencouragement, and accountability you need 
to get rid of your cravings!

Live your craving-free life with confidence!

Get the group supportencouragement, and accountability you need to
get rid of your cravings!

Diets make you feel like a failure

You probably grew up in the diet culture that made you feel like a failure


You may be struggling with health issues like diabetes, extra weight, inflammation, aches and pains, stiff joints, bloating and digestive issues…

aches and pains
cravings for chocolate
digestive issues

You want to live a healthy lifestyle

BUT ...

  • You struggle with cravings
  • You tend to overeat when you’re stressed, or tired, or bored
eating cake
  • You reach out for comfort foods whenever you feel emotional
  • You just can't lose those extra pounds
eating cake
  • You feel exhausted and get energy slumps during the day
  • You’re often bloated and uncomfortable
  • You love intermittent fasting, but you wish it was easy and natural

You want to get rid of your cravings


but you’re struggling to do it alone...

guidance, support, accountability, energy
guidance, support, accountability, energy

What you really need is



and accountability

so that you can have

more energy

to enjoy a healthier life

without getting derailed by cravings.

That’s what you get in the

After Sugar Club
What will I get?

"What exactly will I get?”

The After Sugar Club

is a private monthly membership

After Sugar Club

You'll have access to a library of resources to help you let go of sugar...

You'll have access to a library of resources to help you let go of sugar...

so that you can live your craving-free life with confidence!

Quick Wins

Quick Wins to Get Results Today

Enjoying a meal with friends and family

Simple Recipes and Meal Ideas

Check-in calls

Recordings of Our Check-in Calls

Break free from cravings

Workshop: Break Free from Cravings!

Deep Dives

Deep Dives into Sugar Free Living


Gut Health & Fermented (Probiotic) Foods

Imagine if you could: 

  • improve your digestion and your sleep
  • help reduce aches and pains due to inflammation
  • enjoy an easy intermittent fasting lifestyle
  • and make your cravings disappear.

When you join the After Sugar Club

After Sugar Club 24/7

you'll have 24/7 access to:

  • a unique selection of simple sugar free recipes
Enjoying a meal with friends and family
  • practical mindset tips and quick wins for sugar free living
Choosing real food
  • resources about forms of sugar, gut health, and intermittent fasting
Tips for sugar free living
  • a workshop designed to help you break free from cravings
Cravings workshop
  • how-to videos to learn to make your own fermented foods and drinks
  • deeper dives designed to help you transform your relationship with sugar
Structured exercises and assignments
  • recordings of our check-in calls and special events
check-in calls
Cravings workshop
Structured exercises and assignments
check-in calls

As an After Sugar Club member you'll be part of our private friendly community of encouraging members who lift each other up.

private community

Our community is NOT on Facebook, so your posts and data remain private, and you can share and ask your questions in a safe space.

Plus we have check-in calls twice a month!

check-in calls

In our live group check-in calls, you'll get your questions answered, share your real-life challenges, and get practical advice and insights that you can apply in your everyday life...

so that you can finally break free from cravings!

break free from cravings!

Hi, I'm Netta

Netta Gorman

I'll be your guide in the

After Sugar Club
Netta Gorman

I understand exactly how you feel.

Because I’ve been there …

Up until my mid-40s, cravings were part of my everyday life. 

I never thought that would (or could!) change.

I used to feel sluggish.

And hungry all the time. 

I’d rely on sweet snacks throughout the day for an energy boost.

I was bloated, I had frequent headaches and aches and pains, and my digestion was a mess.

I was so frustrated!

The only things that made me feel better were chocolate and my favourite comfort foods.

I loved sugar! 

I craved it every day! (well... several times a day, to be honest!)


But in my 40s, my weight had started to creep up.

And no matter what I did, I couldn't lose it.

I didn’t want to follow a restrictive diet. I was done with diets!

And anyway, I believed that “everything in moderation” was the key.

But I had to admit that for me and sugar, moderation just didn’t work.

And when I was advised to cut sugar, flour and all sweeteners completely for two weeks, I was shocked!

And I resisted – hard!

There was no way I was going to give up chocolate! No way!!

But eventually, I realized that nothing changes if nothing changes.

I had to get out of my own way because I didn’t want to suffer anymore.

So I tried it.

And guess what?

My tastes started to change!

My cravings died down.

My digestion got better.

So did my skin, my headaches, and my aches and pains.

I had more energy!

I didn’t need to snack anymore.

It was amazing!!

Now I’m living my “life after sugar”!

I was so amazed at just how awesome life can be without cravings and all my health issues!

So I started helping others to let go of sugar and to discover the real sweetness in their life!


You probably already eat healthy

But cravings are derailing you!

In the After Sugar Club, you can

get back your energy,

have better digestion, less bloating

lose your extra pounds,

love your clearer skin,

stabilize your moods,

Netta, Life After Sugar

help your brain fog disappear,

end your need to snack,

get rid of cravings,

feel more confident,

boost your self-esteem

 support, advice, guidance

with all the help,



and guidance you need!

So if you’re ready to start living your craving-free life with confidence...

See what these members of the After Sugar Club are saying:

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It's freeing. Liberating. It's joyful!

This is life after sugar, isn't it? For me, it's all the nice things I can do for myself, rather than breaking out a bar of chocolate. It's quite liberating.
You could be a slave to sugar, and when you get rid of that, then you think of all the other things that you can treat yourself with.
It's freeing. Liberating. It's joyful!
I'm so glad I joined the After Sugar Club!

Wendy (England)

What's important

I have all these good feelings or good associations with baking, because I baked with my mom when I was little and I want that for my kids, but also these feelings made me want to kind of cheat...
And instead, since I joined the After Sugar Club, I've started thinking: why does it always have to be something sweet that we're baking?
As Netta said in one of our group calls, it could be so many other things. It doesn't have to be sweet. That's the biggest step, actually.
Because after that, when you are aware, you think well, what's important here is that I do something together with my kids. That's what we really want.

Patti (USA)

I now know what to eat to satisfy true hunger signals

I never thought that I would learn how to improve my nutrition in the After Sugar Club. I just wanted to get off of the white flour and sugar.
But the educational pieces of information, examples of a typical meals from Netta and others, the podcast and community have led me to consider quality food that I now know for sure can satisfy true hunger signals.
There is no "diet" per se. I think you lead by example.

Tim (Thailand)

I just only want to eat things that help me feel good

I just got done having coffee with some friends and I was telling them I’ve been off sugar and flour for 60 days since I joined the After Sugar Club. They are really the first people outside of the After Sugar Club I’ve told about my new lifestyle. They were very supportive and my one friend said that she is sure she is addicted to sugar and would like to stop but she felt she would always cheat.
It made me wonder what is different this time where I really don’t feel the need to “cheat”. (I put cheat in quotes because I know I can have whatever I want. I just only want to eat things that help me feel good.)

Joan (USA)

Now I know what real food is

Looking back I really appreciate the education in the After Sugar Club concerning what is food and what isn't. I learned a lot about sugar, flour and vegetable oils.
Another Aha! moment was when I realised that eating mayonnaise is healthy if I make my own. This has led to an increase of how much greens I eat. Thank you for that.

Jakub (Czech Republic)

I'm able to cope in other ways now

I've been working on this for a few months with Netta's help, and I'm doing so much better.
Like yesterday I was a little out of sorts. I was frustrated. I remembered that I often used to turn to sweets and food in general when I'm sad and angry. And then I was like, okay, what's the real problem? I thought: I'm frustrated. It's not that I'm hungry. There was cake but I didn't eat any.
I remembered that we'd talked about this at one of our recent check-in calls, and I knew I needed to process my feelings.
I think sugar was definitely a coping mechanism for me, but I'm able to cope in other ways more and more now.

Wendi (USA)

My digestion is so much better now

I used to crave chips and chocolate but in the After Sugar Club I’ve learned to find enjoyment in many other ways.
And I’ve also learned to make water kefir and kombucha. My digestion is so much better now.
I’ve learned a lot in a short time. I’m so glad I decided to join the Club.
It was a really good investment! Thank you!

Suzanne (Canada)

I feel much better with less sugar

I'm 70 years old, and I recently signed up for the After Sugar Club because it's not as strict as keto. I can choose what I eat and that makes my life easier.
It's not specifically for weight loss, but for my general health, and already my blood sugar and blood pressure have improved.
I feel much better with less sugar, and I really enjoy your videos.
I've got much more to learn, but I'm getting there!

Ginette (Canada)
After Sugar Club

In the After Sugar Club private membership

you'll get





so that you can

  • feel in control around food
  • have more energy, sleep better
  • feel more confident in yourself and your body
  • experience more stable moods and better mental focus
  • stop obsessing about food
  • slim down and feel more confident about how you look

Take your first step today!


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