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In the Premium membership of the After Sugar Club, you'll get


to enjoy a healthier life by cutting sugar

Personal attention

Here's what Premium members are saying:

This is actually the answer for me.

I know I've done the diets. 

I chose to stop eating things, but it's the beliefs underneath that I've never addressed before... 

Can I just say how grateful I am that we're looking at it from that point of view, because I didn't actually realize we were going to do that, but I know that's what I needed.

When Netta offered us the option to sign up for personal guidance, I jumped in.

I knew I needed help and I particularly appreciate having the follow up year as losing the weight is a slow process and I value having Netta’s support as I do this.

I would recommend the Premium membership. It has been worth the investment for me. I feel hope again that I can live the lifestyle that my body needs in order to be healthy. 


Maree (Australia)

I participated 100% in all the calls. You know what they say: If you put something into it, you'll get something out of it. If you just hand me some guides and say: Here, read this, do it on your own! I'm likely not.

It may have taken a year to get round to it.
I mean, I need people and interaction, and to share the drawbacks, the pitfalls that everybody's going to come across... it's great to have that personal guidance.


Barbi (USA)

I think I was probably most surprised by the way I responded to the deeper questions you asked us to look at.

I thought that I had a hold on that, but then it just like raised my awareness that maybe I really don't know what I need to be substituting for sugar.

That made me think deeper... because if I really knew, I wouldn't be struggling as much.

... there's something in my brain that makes me believe that I can't meet my needs with the foods that I know are good...

So I think that's a perception that I need to think deeper about in the program...

The program is helping me to peel back the layers and see why this keeps happening. 

B. (USA)

The After Sugar Club Premium membership includes:

  • Personalized attention and customized guidance that’s tailored to your specific needs.
Tailor-made for YOU
  • 12 personalized accountability calls with me, Netta, scheduled according to your availability and time zone so that you can attend each call.
  • A “hands on” experience where you’re guided through structured exercises and assignments with my personal feedback.
Structured exercises and assignments
  • Help with making small but powerful mindset shifts to transform your relationship with sugar and comfort foods. We'll address issues such as negative self-talk and the fear of failure.
  • A proven framework that will allow you to get to true freedom from sugar, to a place where you don’t want, need or miss sugar any more.
True freedom from sugar
  • gentle, respectful approach, with suggestions for you to make food choices that can lower the risk of issues like cravings, unstable blood sugar, inflammation, extra weight, bloating, stiff and painful joints, and headaches.
  • Guidance to find healthier coping skills and habits for self-care so that you can move forward with more self-love and compassion.
Live a healthier life!
  • The time you need to make deep and sustainable changes so that you can reach your long-term goal of living a happier and healthier life… with less sugar!

You'll also get access to everything in the After Sugar Club for a full 12 months, including:

  • All resources, including tips, recipes, videos and special events.
After Sugar Club
  • Group check-in calls, for ongoing support and accountability.
Check-in calls
  • Recordings of all check-in calls and special events.
  • A close-knit community to give you encouragement and empathy, available 24/7.
Get encouragement and empathy in our community
  • Continuing group support with my guidance, to help you feel healthier and enjoy an IF lifestyle that's easy and natural.
After Sugar Club PREMIUM





and also includes

12 months 

in the After Sugar Club 

for ongoing support and accountability


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